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The Vision Statement
The Mission Statement
The Strategic Principles
Core Strategies
"We Shall Work Hard"

The vision statement for the Ministry of Communications is:

'Towards a Sophisticated Society and Excellence in Communications for Enhancing National Competitiveness'.

With proper planning, clear policy direction, good regulatory framework and an action plan, Brunei Darussalam can develop a 'sophisticated society' which is dynamic, creative, innovative and intelligent. This society is adept at harnessing existing and new technology and is also capable of developing the relevant modern and advanced infrastructures and technologies. This is a complementary adopter-developer relationship. The people in the society shall also have quality knowledge and skills in utilising current and up-to-date infrastructure and devices.

The Ministry shall also strive towards 'Excellence in Communications' which includes the transport, postal and info-communications industries. 'Excellence in Communications' refers to the state of communications that is effective, enabling, and compliant with international standards.

Today's hubbing activities are more advanced hence all forms of communications should be relevant, competitive and dynamic so that complementaries can be achieved. The achievement of excellence in communications shall serve to support the sophisticated society.​