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The duties of the Council members shall include, but not limited to the following:
  1. To champion national Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) which includes Research and Development (R&D);
  2. Set national policies, strategies and planning priorities for STI including research activities for every 5 years;
  3. Strengthen STI cooperation with government, academia and industry, both locally and abroad;
  4. Approve budget for STI research related projects; and
  5. Ensure the development of STI that will be able to contribute to national development as well as the commercialization of research and development (R&D) projects.

Evaluation and Approval Working Committee duties:
  1. Assist and advise in the preparation of national policies, strategies and priority planning related to STI and R&D in Brunei Darussalam;
  2. Identify new research clusters and priorities that are relevant to the development of R&D and national economic diversification;
  3. Advise on strategic issues related to R&D and research project funding;
  4. Evaluate research projects and give recommendations to the Council; and
  5. Assist in establishing cooperation networks with international bodies and institutes in the fields of science, technology and innovation.

Implementation Monitoring Working Committee duties:
  1. To monitor and deliberate the continuity of the implementation of research projects that are still underway to ensure that it achieves the development that has been set at each milestone;
  2. To give deliberations for research projects that apply for extension; 
  3. Submit reports on the status of research projects to the Council.